The Process: Creating a Grimm Baby

A Grimm Baby begins life with a warm bubble bath to remove factory oils and dirt.  Genesis Heat Set Paint (GHSP) is then painted on in thin layers, forming the base skin tones. Next comes blushing, creasing, and more skin tone layers for depth. The paint is permanently heat set using a designated air bake oven.

Other details such as birthmarks, stork bites, fantasy designs or tattoos, perhaps sculpted fangs, dirty nails, rusty screw bolts, or smears of gore & blood  are added, all of which help form the baby’s unique personality.

Hair may be painted on, or hand rooted using fine mohair. Some babies have specialty wigs, and some are baldies, with capillaries and birth bruising.

To finish, a final layer of GHSP varnish is pounced on for sealant and texture, the eyes are set, the limbs and head are weighted and stuffed with extremely fine, clean, glass beads and poly fiberfill. The baby is checked for balance to ensure natural posing and realism. The parts are then sealed to prevent leakage, and the cuddly cloth body is also stuffed and weighted with a combination of poly fiberfill, enclosed glass beads, and heavy craft pellets and/or stainless steel shot. Only the highest quality materials are used.

Each Grimm Baby comes signed and swaddled, with COA and Care Instructions.

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